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Flo by Moen
Flo by Moen

Complete Home Monitoring

  • A single Flo by Moen device monitors and helps protect the entire home’s water supply system utilizing technology to calculate and monitor flow, pressure and temperature
  • Helps to detect water line leaks throughout the home, including behind walls, in the foundation, washers, toilets, etc.
  • Monitors the home 24/7
home’s water supply system

Superior Detection

Water Supply System

Flo by Moen can be programmed to look for emerging leaks in the water supply system, some as small as a single drop per minute

Daily MicroLeak Tests Monitor

Daily MicroLeak tests monitor to help prevent leaks before significant catastrophic damage occurs

Detect Water Line Leaks

If a leak or vulnerability is detected, the device can be set to automatically shut off the water supply to the home

Smart Home App

Users can also shut water off remotely from the smart home app

Monitors For Water Pressure

Also monitors for water pressure and temperature; hign pressure can stress plumbing, cold temperatures can freeze pipes

Detect Water Line Leaks

Flo by Moen representatives available to help find a professional to solve leaks once detected

SWNA Rebates
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FloSense Technology

FloSense Technology

  • FloSense uses machine learning to differentiate between normal and abnormal water use for each home, based on its own unique characteristics
  • Gives homeowners data to understand their water use and how they can conserve
  • Abnormal use alerts user and triggers option to shut off water

Call for an estimate to install this in your home!

Installed on main water supply line and paired with home’s Wi-Fi
Recommended to be installed by a professional

Flo by Moen device monitors



FloProtect is an optional subscription available to all Flo by Moen users. For just $5 per month, FloProtect subscribers receive an additional layer of protection and benefits including the following:

  • Water damage prevention guarantee: Flo Technologies will pay up to $2,500 for out-of-pocket homeowner’s insurance deductible
  • Proactive Monitoring by Flo Technologies’ experienced support team as well as Live Chat Support
  • Access to Flo Technologies’ Water Concierge to answer questions about the home’s water system and help resolve water and plumbing issues, whether or not the issues involve the Flo by Moen System
  • An extended 3-year product warranty
  • Access to enhanced analysis and information about water usage per water fixture
  • A Flo by Moen Certified Letter for Insurance that may help reduce homeowners insurance costs (depending on insurance provider)
  • Access to the Flo Technologies Basic Plan which comes with every Flo by Moen device purchase